This site was created to provide a list of some of the best methods of earning a passive income in Canada. I do this by sharing my current stock dividends and several methods of crypto currency investments. Hopefully this site will provide additional ideas to help increase your own passive income.

With a recent interest in crypto currencies, my crypto portfolio will likely see more attention over the next while than my dividend stock portfolio. The main advantage with crypto currency is that since I keep all earnings in crypto, all previous earnings will continue to scale as the market grows. This means that $100 earned as crypto today will be worth $1000 if/when the market increases by 10X. This doesn't even factor in the value of the main crypto holdings themselves.

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Most of the links on this site are referral links. Not only does the use of these links benefit me, but in many cases you actually receive even more rewards than I do for using them. I don't spam links for services I don't use just for the sake of making money. Every service mentioned on this site I use extensively and can directly vouch for.