This site was created to outline my personal methods of building a passive income from crypto currency. I'm constantly researching and trying new platforms, and will update this page monthly with my progress.

Previous Month:
Total Free Money:


2022 $624 $521 $658 $646 $212 - - - - - - - $2661
2021 - - $174 $196 $153 $221 $219 $404 $360 $453 $1238 $2665 $6083

This table only shows profits gained from additional coins and tokens received for free. These values are recorded based on the asset values each month and therefore are not even remotely accurate. If the overall crypto market increases by 10x, the majority of all previous values will also be worth 10x the amount recorded here.

These values do not include any profits from my manual buy/sell orders, any of my actual long term cold storage holds, or any price appreciation from existing assets.


NOTE: This is not a reflection of my entire portfolio, just the free crypto from my assets currently providing a passive income. The majority of my crypto currency is stored offline in cold wallets.


Crypto.com VISA Stake (CeFi)

Crypto.com pays 10% interest on the CRO staked on the card. With an initial $5000 staked on the Jade Green card, this amount varies quite a bit based on the current value of the CRO coin. As the value of CRO increases, I will likely end up earning much more than 10% of my initial investment. In addition, this card provides free Netflix and Spotify accounts, so those savings have been added in to the monthly value. There are numerous other benefits to this card as well such as increased interest rates on other currencies held on the platform. Note: I have already taken out significantly more than my initial investment and restaked nothing but profits back to the card.


Crypto VISA Cash Back (CeFi)

The card I have chosen offers 3% cash back on every purchase I make in the form of CRO coins. This creates a fairly substantial amount of additional passive income per month in addition to the other benefts mentioned above. These CRO coins will be converted to other currencies at regular intervals, meaning the 3% reward could end up scaling drastically higher as the value of crypto increases. The amount I spend varies quite a bit per month, so I've taken a rough average for this value which I'll update over time.


Shakepay "Shaking Sats" (CeFi)

ShakePay gives free satoshis (unit of bitcoin) daily just for shaking your phone. I'm currently at the top of the tier streak so I'm receiving maximum rewards. Over time, these satoshis will be worth significantly more as the value of bitcoin increases.


Cardano Stake (Cardano)

My Cardano (ADA) is currently staked from a personal wallet. I'm earning about 5% APR.


Solana Stake (Solana)

My Solana (SOL) is currently staked from a personal wallet. I'm earning about 7% APR.


Thorswap Yield Farming (Thorchain)

I have provided some bitcoin liquidity on Thorswap which is earning 10% APR. This platform guarantees no impermanent loss when held for 100 days.


Osmosis Yield Farming (Cosmos/Osmosis)

I have provided some liquidity to the ATOM/OSMO pool at 72% APR on the Osmosis platform. This is an inter-blockchain DEX for Cosmos based blockchains.


Juno Stake (Cosmos/Juno)

I have some JUNO staked natively on the blockchain from a personal wallet. This currently pays out 107% APY.


Crescent Stake (Cosmos/Crescent)

I received these CRE tokens for free as part of a Cosmos airdrop, completed some quick tasks to get 6x more tokens for free, then added them to the CRE/bCRE liquidity pool at 102% APR.


Astroport Yield Farming (Terra)

I have provided liquidity to Astroport in the following pairs: bLUNA/LUNA at 16% APR, and ASTRO/UST at 102% APR. These rewards are being auto compounded back into the pools with Spectrum Protocol. Note: This income stream is dead due to the collapse of the Terra blockchain.


Mars Protocol (Terra)

I currently have a leveraged position on Mars Protocol in the ANC/UST liquidity pool. This pays out 98% APY based on my current LTV ratio. Note: This income stream is dead due to the collapse of the Terra blockchain.


LUNA Interest (Terra 2.0)

I received new tokens on Terra 2.0 after the collapse of the original blockchain. They are currently earning 11.5% APY.


Pylon Protocol (Terra)

I have some UST locked up in a 6 month vault on Pylon Protocol earning me free WHALE tokens on the Terra network. Note: This income stream is dead due to the collapse of the Terra blockchain.


White Whale (Terra)

I have some WHALE tokens staked in the governance pool. This is currently earning 30% APR. Note: This income stream is dead due to the collapse of the Terra blockchain.


Olympus Stake (Ethereum)

I have a small amount of OHM tokens staked in the Olympus DAO to see where it goes. It's currently earning a reward of 897% APY. This is a very high risk investment. Update: This is essentially a dead position at this point.


Use these links to receive free crypto when joining some of the platforms that I either currently use or have in the past.